Josh Cearbaugh is a life consultant who specializes in connecting people to their heart and helping people create practical strategies to change their lives. Through a combination of consulting techniques, he is able to guide people through their issues and into a healthier (and more fulfilling) lifestyle.

Josh has a passion for helping people realize their God-given potential. He recognizes that each person has a unique identity and unique gifts that must be uncovered and supported. Josh helps them to understand their identity, and thereby the self-value they possess, which makes the individual naturally make healthier choices. In addition, he helps individuals to identify, and then dismantle, the crippling cycles where the majority of us find ourselves stuck.

The road to life consulting began early for Josh. While attending R. Nelson Snider High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Josh joined the Young Marines and achieved the rank of First Sergeant. It was here that he developed qualities of leadership and teamwork. The mission of this organization was to instill the ideals of respect, honesty, courage, and loyalty; a list of traits that he actively employs in his consulting practice.

Three months after graduation, Cearbaugh joined the “real” Marines. “I was 18 years old,” he said, “and felt that the Marines would be the most challenging branch to enter. I wanted to travel the world and fight for my country.” During his four-year enlistment, he earned the rank of Corporal. He was given the responsibility for the personal development of 30 Marines and participated in training over 3,000 Marines.  His commitment to personal growth resulted in graduating in the top 10 percent of a leadership development course for Marines.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Josh felt a deep desire to experience a different culture and to deepen his own spiritual life so he went to Africa and attended a three-month mission school hosted by Iris Ministries. He was so impacted by the school that he returned as a staff member for two more sessions. Josh spent a total of nine months in Africa helping pioneer the school and a training facility for a base of over 800 people.

While in Mozambique he met Danielle Smith, also on a missionary journey. They fell in love with missions and each other, got married, and currently have two boys and one beautiful baby girl. 

After leaving the missionary field, Josh was a part of building and launching a website with a social mission. Josh shared, “I wanted to have a business that would give back, not simply provide for my family.” He became co-founder and president of the unique coupon website— The website helps people save money when shopping, but also provide meals to hungry children around the world. To date the company has donated over 111,000 meals.

Following his work with, Josh combined his talents and experiences to create a new form of life consultancy. His experiential knowledge, along with exceptional training, has allowed him to work with individuals in an efficient and substantive way. He combines the deep understanding of working with a counselor—as well as the pragmatic aspects of a consultant—to create a unique client experience.

Most recently, Josh’s consulting practice has been located in Redding, CA. In addition to in-person appointments, Josh regularly meets with clients through Skype, or talks at churches and other organizations. To schedule an appointment and experience Josh’s unique method, and see how he gets the near-miraculous results you can CLICK HERE