Of course you do! We all do.

In fact, most of us have identified something we don’t love about our lives: a painful relationship, anxiety, we’re self-conscious about our bodies, we have a persistent addiction, we're struggling in our careers, or we feel numb or depressed. Usually something is holding us back from the life we want.

We even might be asking the question, 
"After all my work, how come I haven’t gotten freedom in this area yet?" 

And more importantly, "How can I?"


It's pretty straightforward. The process of creating a life you want shouldn't be complicated. It should be enlightening, inspiring, and empowering. Together, we'll walk you through the following steps.



Find Clarity For Your Life
Let’s stop fighting symptoms! Together, we’ll identify the root of what is causing our life issues so that we can get lasting transformation. 


Discover Emotional Wellness
Through pioneering emotional health processes, we’ll navigate to the REAL cause of the issues and walk through emotional restoration.


Get Direction and Next Steps
We’re going to help re-establish a clear vision for your life, and create a blueprint for you to walk in confidence, self-value, passion, and potential.


Short Bio: 

Josh Cearbaugh is a life consultant who specializes in connecting people to their heart AND helping people create practical strategies to change their lives. Through a combination of consulting techniques, he is able to guide people through their issues and into a healthier (and more fulfilling) lifestyle.

Josh has a passion for helping people realize their God-given potential. He recognizes that each person has a unique identity and unique gifts that must be uncovered and supported. Josh helps them to understand their identity, and thereby the self-value they possess, which makes the individual naturally make healthier choices.


I believe you are!

The truth is, you wouldn't have made it to this site, and be reading this information if you weren't ready for a massive season shift. 

In the vast majority of people, emotional obstacles are blocking their potential, the ability for fulfilling intimacy, and inspiration. I'll help you remove these barriers so the full expression of your personality can come forward.

If you join me on the process, I'll help you discover your wholeness and passions so that you can have a life that you love. A deeply fulfilling, purposeful, inspiring life.



Great Question!

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