Most of us have identified something we don’t love about our lives: a painful relationship, anxiety, we’re self-conscious about our bodies, we have a persistent addiction, or we feel numb or depressed. The question then becomes, how come we haven’t gotten freedom in this area? 

And more importantly…how can we?!
  • Clarity – Let’s stop fighting symptoms! Together, we’ll identify the root of what is causing our life issues so that we can get lasting transformation. 
  • Emotional Wellness – We’ll go to the ‘real’ cause of the issue and walk through emotional restoration.
  • Direction – In a few steps, we’re going to help re-establish a clear vision for your life. You’ll be given “permission” to walk into your confidence, self-value, passions, and potential.
  • Steps – All personal transformation requires activation. With each session, I’ll be giving you homework to solidify your new mindsets and emotional patterns.


When working with Josh, you’ll have a safe place to process and walk out your personal journey of transformation. He’ll help you to engage with your greater (authentic) self, so that you can unlock the person that you were always meant to be. The person you were designed to be.

He has a gift to believe in you even when it feels difficult to believe in yourself. By working together, you’ll be processing through the difficulties of life, but no longer doing it alone.

He’ll help you to transform your past from being a source of pain to being a source of inspiration and a catalyst into your future.


The truth is that you were born to be bold, have a powerful voice, deep self-value, and the ability to overcome your fears. It’s already within you…it just needs to be unlocked.

In the vast majority of people, there are obstacles that are blocking their potential, the ability for fulfilling intimacy, and your inspiration for work. Josh has a gift to remove these barriers so the full expression of your personality can come forward.

As part of the process, Josh will help you discover your wholeness and passions, so that you can finally have a life that you love.



Glad you asked. :-) 

If you’re ready to take action and get started simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!